Land of Madness (Published March 19, 2020, Republished April 16, 2022)

The Madness grows stronger in this second edition

Darkness. Magic. Madness.

Drendil, a far-off land is teeming with both.

Michael, who lives in the mountain city of Feldring in the Kingdom of Prikea, knows nothing about Drendil. He does know that for weeks he has experienced nightmares telling of death and destruction to come. Unfortunately, this death and destruction threatens the entire world and cannot be ignored any longer. After one such nightmare, a priest named Joshua from the Order of Ravens visits Michael and says the only way to stop the nightmares is to leave Feldring behind. Now, Michael finds himself riding a horse across Prikea with a stranger trying to stop his nightmares.

Meanwhile, the darkness grows stronger in Drendil.

Death and destruction await.

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Downfall (Published September 19, 2020)

Drendil. The First Era, year 861.

Shemont, the human capital city, has been rebuilding after a gruesome and deadly battle with a myriad of monsters.

Michael and Joshua, a Knight and a Mage, have been fighting those monsters, and the darkness they bring with them, since the Siege of Shemont three years before. Now, just as it seems they may get a chance to take a break and enjoy their knighthood, they are brought into the fray once more. Vor’Kath has resurfaced and must be taken down in order to save the world from an inevitable collapse into chaos! There is just one problem they are facing: they have no idea where to find Vor’Kath…

By order of the king they must find Vor’Kath before the world collapses into darkness. If they can find the Vor before he and Kalathan bring chaos to all the mortal realms, they might have a chance to avenge all their fallen comrades who have died to the Vor.

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Road to Ruin (Published September 30, 2021)

Drendil teeters on the brink…

Joshua wants to save it…the Children want to push it over.

One year ago, Drendil was threatened by a Vor, an otherworldly being, hellbent on destroying the kingdom. His only goal was to bring destruction and chaos wherever he went. Sir Joshua the Ravenous and Sir Michael the Valiant, knights of the Order of Drendil, squared up against the Vor and saved the kingdom from certain doom.

Now, nearly a year later, Anselin is under attack by unknown assailants. The only thing known about them is they want to bring about the kingdom’s end. King Orson II, the human king of Drendil, now calls upon Sir Michael and Sir Joshua to find who was behind the attack on Anselin and stop them from carrying out whatever they have planned next.

One kingdom. A hidden threat. An inexplicable plot to destroy the world.

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